12 Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Trends for 2024

Expert insights from

Jackie Rabedeau
Conversion & UX Specialist

“I would say the biggest trend in CRO for 2024 is the activation of data and AI. While the amount of data continues to grow, privacy concerns are growing as well. Companies that aren’t collecting, unifying, and activating their data are going to fall behind.”

Did you know that only 22% of companies are happy with their conversions? That means if you’re not loving your conversion rates, you’re not alone. Many businesses want to improve their conversion rates to boost sales and revenue.

To help, we’ve compiled a list of conversion rate optimization (CRO) for 2024. You can see what’s trending and how to adjust your marketing strategy to follow these trends and improve your business’s performance.

Keep reading to learn about the top CRO trends for 2024:

CRO Trends for 2024

See how you can capitalize on these conversion rate optimization trends for your business! Or, if you want to chat with a CRO expert directly, you can call us at 888-601-5359 to talk through any of the trends listed.

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Conversion rate optimization trend #1: Employing personalization for all users

If you look at trends in conversion rate optimization every year, you probably see personalization on the list every time. That’s because personalization continues to play a critical role in helping your business earn more leads, sales, and revenue.

Personalization enables you to deliver an experience tailored to individuals in your target audience. This customization allows you to deliver the right message at the right time to better connect with your prospects.

When paired with the development of AI, personalization is not only more accessible than ever —it’s also more relevant than ever. AI-based personalization tools can allow businesses to take their personalized marketing to the next level without the faults of over-segmentation.

As we see more growth in AI tools, we can expect even more opportunities to streamline custom content for your audience, including everything from emails to blog posts to service pages.

How to capitalize on this CRO trend

If you’re ready to give personalization a try, consider testing it in email campaigns first. Most businesses in 2024 have email marketing strategies in place. Most email marketing platforms have dynamic elements like first-name built-in them, which you can use to make the email feel more personalized.

If your email list is appropriately segmented, you can also audit your emails to identify opportunities to make those emails feel more suited to that audience.

You can also try personalizing your website. With the help of evolved AI software, your website can deliver relevant content for users based on their browsing habits, company details, or location.

Conversion rate optimization trend #2: Adding chatbots for top-notch customer service

While chatbots are also not a new tool for 2024, their importance and impact are continuing to grow. And still, it’s reported that less than half of business-to-consumer (B2C) companies actively use chatbots.

Like many 2024 trends in CRO, AI is evolving users’ and businesses’ experiences with chatbots. Historically, chatbots have had the highest impact on ecommerce websites, as they help to deliver top-notch customer service even when a business is closed or no customer service agent is available.

Website visitors can ask questions and have them answered by a chatbot. Not only do these shoppers get the answers they need, but they get a fast response, which makes them more likely to purchase.

In 2024, B2B businesses are leveraging chatbots more for lead-generation opportunities as well. Chatbots can help nurture prospective customers to sign up for a demo, schedule a meeting, or sign up for a newsletter.

Even if your company has been unsuccessful with chatbots before, it’s worth trying again with the AI component. Chatbots have come a long way quickly, and you could be missing out on conversions from the updated technology.

How to capitalize on this CRO trend

To deliver top-tier customer service, start by installing a chatbot into your company’s live chat software. Platforms like Birdeye, for example, come with the option to integrate chatbots for your website.

For more ideas and strategies, check out our guide to chatbot marketing!

Learn more about chatbots

Conversion rate optimization trend #3: Trying ABM

Another crucial CRO trend for 2024 is ABM. ABM is a B2B marketing approach based on account awareness where an organization considers and communicates with individual accounts as markets of one.

ABM is highly targeted to give priority accounts the most attention. This strategy takes personalization one step further to deliver one-to-one experiences.

ABM has also grown a lot — 10 years ago, this may have been a total fever dream, but it’s on the rise and more accessible thanks to data integration and automation. Companies can now gather and compile data automatically, helping them understand accounts on an individual level.

How to capitalize on this CRO trend

ABM relies on more than cross-channel and device targeting of the business’s most valuable prospects.

To activate your ABM strategy, make sure you’re gathering first-party data, centralizing and integrating your data, and then you can activate it to work for your accounts.

Conversion rate optimization trend #4: Integrating more UGC

Next on this list of conversion rate optimization trends is leveraging user-generated content (UGC)—content generated by users rather than a brand—on your website.

One example of UGC on an ecommerce website is pulling in Instagram posts from users that show your products. For business-to-business (B2B), lead generation, or software websites, an example of UGC could be reviews from third-party websites like G2 or Clutch.

UGC is a great way for you to show social proof for your products or services. These authentic experiences can act as votes of confidence to help boost conversion rates.

How to capitalize on this CRO trend

With this conversion rate optimization trend, you’ll want to look for content your audience posts. You can search your brand name, products, or any hashtags you use with your content to help you find relevant content.

Once you find where users are talking about your brand in a positive light, share it on your social profiles or website. If you’re on a platform like Instagram, where you may have to screenshot to repost, make sure you ask permission first before posting.

Conversion rate optimization trend #5: Using AI to improve your messaging

AI is not just for generating images and customer service bots. Companies can leverage AI to improve their messaging — and conversions — in 2024.

Some examples of using AI for CRO include:

  • Evaluating customer feedback to identify strengths, weaknesses, and unique selling points (USPs)
  • Using customer’s natural language to improve content or write calls to action (CTAs)
  • Creating audience targeting groups to suit your content toward specific demographics and buyers

AI speeds up basic tasks for CRO professionals, which makes it easier to prioritize the end user.

How to capitalize on this CRO trend

If you want to add AI to your marketing and CRO tools, you should first investigate tools that can help your processes.

Think about the areas that take up the most time for your company. Do you want to speed up copywriting or data sorting? Look for tools that offer those features and see which ones fit your company best.

Tools like TeamAI make it easy to get started with AI in your workflow. With multiple plans to choose from, you can try features like:

  • Multiple workspaces with shared collaboration
  • Custom marketing and sales personas
  • Prompt libraries
  • And more!

TeamAI helps you leverage AI to create better messaging for your audience. You can start with a free basic plan and see how AI can influence your conversions.

Conversion rate optimization trend #6: Having a strong retargeting email strategy

Personalization in emails increases average click-through rate (CTR) by 14% and conversions by 10%. That’s why creating a personalized retargeting strategy can help you capture leads falling through the cracks.

Your email retargeting strategy can help you improve conversions with people who’ve already expressed interest in your company. These emails look different depending on your services.

For ecommerce, you can use abandoned cart emails to remind people what they’re missing out on:

For service-based companies, encouraging customers to act is a better option:

How to capitalize on this CRO trend

To create an email retargeting strategy, you need customer data. Like the other trends on this list, you can’t accurately target your audience without data on their behavior.

You should consider data like:

  • How the user interacts with your site
  • At what step did they stop interacting
  • What services or products were they interested in

From there, you can create a segmented email list and develop email content to reach individuals.

Conversion rate optimization trend #7: Leaning into user research

With increasing privacy concerns with Apple and Google, analytics (and, unfortunately, personalization) is becoming less data-driven for companies that don’t have strong analytics in place.

However, user research can help continue to inform your website optimization efforts. Learning more about your prospects through first-party research can help you reduce safety concerns and build trust with users.

How to capitalize on this CRO trend

There are many ways you can conduct user research to learn more about your audience.

For example, using short forms on your site for gated content can help you gather basic demographic and contact information. You can also ask users to fill out short surveys after they convert to learn more about their experience with your company.

Once you find out more about your users, you can use that information to target new audiences.

Conversion rate optimization trend #8: Focusing on intuitive design for all

We all know the importance of good design — or at least, you should. Most website owners recognize the importance of intuitive design and the threat of not having an easy-to-use website. However, there are still some sites that aren’t up to par.

Website accessibility has become more of a household term as users become frustrated with bad UX. People know what good design is, and they are quick to pick up on a difficult website. Why would they waste time on your site if it doesn’t meet their standards?

Intuitive design for all simplifies UX and encourages conversions naturally and efficiently. By making your website easier to use, you give people a better overall experience and paint your brand in a better light.

How to capitalize on this CRO trend

It’s important for website owners to create a website that’s seamless for all users, but it can’t be too cookie cutter, or it won’t stand out amongst competition. Most people are leaning into unique messaging and USPs to bridge the gap.

Other ways to accomplish this are:

  • Following web design trends
  • Using simple navigation
  • Creating content that highlights your USPs
  • Adding buttons, forms, and other on-page CTAs

Conversion rate optimization trend #9: Improving trust signals

One of the biggest conversion rate optimization trends for 2024 is integrating trust signals. Today’s market is a tricky place to navigate –– there are thousands of options to choose from and dozens of brands that users are discovering for the first time.

That’s why integrating trust signals is vital to improving your conversion rate. If someone is discovering your brand for the first time, you need to build their confidence in buying from you. Trust signals help to build that confidence.

For 2024, we can lean into the evolution of AI for boosting trust signals. Since more and more AI-generated content is popping up, many people are looking for real humans, content, and photos as a baseline for trusting a company.

We can expect this preference to grow as AI becomes more integral to businesses. You can even use your humanity as a point of pride when showing users why they should contact your company.

How to capitalize on this CRO trend

To take advantage of this CRO trend, you must integrate basic trust signals. There are multiple types of trust signals you can integrate into your website, including:

  • Guarantees: Many businesses will offer money-back guarantees if customers aren’t happy. This type of trust signal can build confidence with shoppers and make them want to buy.
  • Social proof: Providing testimonials from real customers can help build confidence in shoppers.
  • Associations: If you’ve partnered with some big-name brands, it’s great to mention your association with them. This trust signal can help build confidence with shoppers who know and trust big-name brands.
  • Memberships: Memberships to accredited groups can help build confidence. Being a BBB-accredited business, for example, helps shoppers know your company is legit.
  • Human content and communication: As we mentioned above, showing users that you offer human-generated content and services can help them feel more secure about contacting your business.

Conversion rate optimization trend #10: Harnessing the power of video

Did you know that 90% of people say videos help them make purchasing decisions? Videos are a powerful medium for helping you increase conversions for your business.

Videos help you deliver a lot of information in a short period. Additionally, video is an engaging medium to use to share that information with your audience. You can present critical information to your audience in a fun and engaging way, which helps you boost conversions.

Expert insights from

Jackie Rabedeau
Conversion & UX Specialist

“AI is going to make video more accessible than ever for businesses. With that, it’s also going to be a more crowded ‘market’ for video, so it’s more important to have a well-researched video strategy to ensure you’re not throwing (money) away while you try to figure it out.”

How to capitalize on this CRO trend

If you want to take advantage of this CRO trend, start generating video ideas for your business. You can create multiple types of videos, from promotional to informational.

Once you’ve generated a list of video ideas, you’ll want to start planning how to develop the video. What information do you need to include? What’s your goal? These are all questions you’ll want to answer before shooting your video.

When you’re ready to shoot your video, keep in mind that you don’t need fancy video equipment to film a high-quality video. Many of today’s smartphones have high-quality cameras that will suffice for making your videos.

You can also use AI to help you generate ideas, write scripts, and even create full videos for your website and social media. While you should use these tools with detailed oversight, they can help you add more video without adding on a lot of work.

Once you create and edit your videos, be sure to share them through different channels your business uses, like email and social media.

Conversion rate optimization trend #11: Using CRO to support in-person events

CRO doesn’t always have to mean a purchase or a sale. Sometimes, the end goal might be to get more people in contact with your business to foster relationships with them. That’s where live events and networking come into play.

Tradeshows and other in-person business events are back in full swing. These events let you connect with people face-to-face and make an impression on behalf of your company. CRO helps you get people interested in events and encourages them to sign up.

How to capitalize on this CRO trend

If you want to get more people attending your event, here’s how to do so:

  • ABM: With ABM, salespeople could flag interested prospects for the marketing team, helping them to invest in personalization strategies for post-event materials.
  • Page optimization: Event registration pages and post-event landing pages are huge opportunities for businesses to continue nurturing prospects.
  • Geofencing your audience: Geofencing opportunities drive qualified leads to your booth or website during and/or after an event. Pair this research with a promo or gift to stand out!

Conversion rate optimization trend #12: Unifying sales and marketing for end-to-end experiences

The last item on our list of trends in conversion rate optimization is unifying your sales and marketing to create an end-to-end experience for your users. This process helps everyone in your company understand where users are in the sales process, so you can target the information they receive.

For example, if you know that someone is in discussion with the sales team and has recently closed with your team, you can personalize the website to show them messaging that improves their connection to your brand.

Using a customer relationship management (CRM) software can help you manage this process more efficiently. With CRM software, you can keep track of prospects as they move through the sales funnel. It enables you to see where prospects are, improve your speed to lead, and deliver promotional materials that help them convert.

When you deliver the right information to prospects at the right time, you can improve your conversion rate more consistently.

How to capitalize on this CRO trend

If you want to take advantage of this CRO trend, start by looking at your sales funnel. Think about what prospects want most at each stage. Are they looking for information about a product, or do they want to see testimonials that will convince them to buy?

When you can identify what information will help prospects most, you can then create the content they need to move closer to converting.

Integrate your CRM into your marketing processes and automation tools to improve targeting, personalize the web experience, and drive more revenue for your business. If you don’t already have a CRM, you’ll want to find a CRM software like Nutshell to help you align your sales and marketing teams for success.

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